Officials approve artwork purchase


Published July 21, 2004

LARGO – Children fishing. A squirrel on a swing. A manatee lying in a hammock reading a book. These whimsical images are included in more than a dozen artworks that will be displayed in the children’s section of the new $21-million Largo Library.

Largo officials on Tuesday approved the purchase of $25,225 in artwork from the nonprofit Outdoor Arts Foundation. The works will include a fiberglass turtle painted by a local artist. The $2,500 turtle, which was featured in the 2001 Tour of Turtles project, will hang from the high ceiling of the reading pavilion.

The interior designer for the library, Collman & Karsky Architects, prepared sketches of the two- and three-dimensional works. The Outdoor Arts Foundation would then contact local artists to produce them.

Largo resident John Atanasio said it would be “a wonderful gesture” if officials contact local schools to get student artwork for display.