Sculpture swirls into city’s center

DUNEDIN – Fitting with Dunedin’s artsy image, the city’s new community center is about to be anointed with a swirling, colorful modern sculpture.

It will be designed by California artist Robert Ellison and titled Bounce. It depicts a ball on top of a solid shape that morphs into a spiral.

“Some people may say it’s froufrou, but in reality it becomes iconic,” city Commissioner Deborah Kynes said. “The children that grow up around that center will always remember that sculpture.”

“It had a lot of energy,” said Rod Collman, who was on the selection committee that chose Ellison’s design over 70 others in January.

“It seems to capture the essence of recreation, which is what happens at the community center,” said Collman, an architect with Collman and Karsky Architects in Tampa, the firm that designed the new community center. “The other designs didn’t seem to have as much fun and flair.”

The $8-million community center at 1920 Pinehurst Road opened in mid January. It includes indoor and outdoor stages, a mirrored dance studio, a fitness center and a branch library with about 3,000 items. The installation of public art at the center is part of the “Recommendations for the Dunedin Cultural Plan,” which is a long-term strategy for cultural improvement the commission adopted in July 2006.