We can see daylight!

In March 2013 Collman & Karsky received a call from a long-standing client regarding a building that had multiple additions with a problematic second floor addition being constructed in the early 1990’s by a different firm. ”We have a waterproofing issue! We can see daylight through the second floor wall!” Clearly the client was under the impression this was a building envelope issue.

From previous knowledge of the building we knew the construction to be a cast in place post and beam structure with brick veneered wall cavity infills; which is pretty substantial construction to be able to see daylight through.
Upon arriving at the site we were immediately aware it was more than sealant failure. Initial observation showed substantial fracturing of northeast cast-in-place column, the bottom of the column actually protruding two inches beyond the tie beam plane.

Collman & Karsky immediately contacted a structural consultant who verified the findings and then coordinated with a general contractor to immediately dispatch a shoring crew to secure the two-story structure.

Upon forensic investigation it was identified that the second floor structure had been constructed without expansion joints corresponding with the first floor structure.

Collman & Karsky worked with a structural consultant to develop a plan of action to enhance the existing structure with an exterior skeletal structure while keeping facility fully functional.

This project has once again reinforced to our client the importance of having an on-going relationship with the Collman & Karsky building envelope team. What initially may look like a simple “waterproofing issue” has the potential to be more than paint and sealant can repair.

View the “before” photos:

And afterwards, a beautiful day … outside!