Lakeland Emergency



C&K Architects | Interiors, Inc. has over 20 years of experience and expertise with building envelope design, specification, management and oversight of the work. This one example shows the before conditions and the completed results of a recent project in Lakeland, Florida which was about 20,000 s.f. on a 6 story building.

The project was an emergency, end of the year, capital expenditure effort that started in October and was completed in about 60 days on December 23rd. C&K designed the demolition documents for removal of a former microwave penthouse, including the design oversight of the structural deck replacement and waterproofing. C&K was hired by the roofing contractor to manage the procurement of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering firms as well as the demolition, electrical, steel erection contractors and hazardous materials abatement teams.

Since the project was a fast track effort, many of the design and management services were compressed into weekends and holidays to finish construction on time. Upon completion of the work C&K reviewed and approved as built documents that were submitted to the client’s insurance company.

Building envelop projects are highly technical in nature and involve existing conditions which have to be assessed on site while under construction, thus, making experienced based, judgment decisions crucial to the success of the finished project. C&K is proud to employ Mr. Tom Thibault who is in charge of the companies construction services and design. Tom has been with C&K Architects | Interiors, Inc. for over 20 years and holds many titles and certifications from the Roofing Consultant Institute which is the national trade association responsible for most of the construction and installation standards followed by the roofing industry.

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